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    Umbrella Insurance

    There’s no need to wonder if you have enough protection in Maryland. If something goes wrong, you can turn to an umbrella policy to offer you more protection. At The Wright Agency, our agents can talk to you about how this insurance can make a difference.

    What is umbrella insurance?

    You want to know that you have the full protection that you need. Although you buy personal liability insurance, the coverage may be quickly exceeded in the event of an accident.

    By purchasing umbrella insurance, it adds coverage over all of your personal liability policies. This way, if you owe in excess of a particular coverage, you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

    You can think of an umbrella policy as a way of going above and beyond with your insurance. Instead of guessing whether you need more coverage on your home policy, your auto policy, or any other, you can simply cover them all with an umbrella policy—and our independent insurance agents can offer you guidance as you begin to shop for coverage.

    How Umbrella Policies Protect

    An umbrella policy can protect you in Maryland by being the financial savior over all of your existing policies including:


    You never know what can happen. While you may have a great policy, it may not be enough based on what happens. If you have an accident that creates a lot of property damage, the policy may only cover $25,000. Generally, that’s enough. But, if the accident results in $50,000 worth of damage, you’ll be happy to have umbrella coverage as it can prevent you from having to pay $25,000 out of pocket to walk away from the accident.

    Affordable policies are available and can offer you financial protection when you need it the most.

    Contact our agents at The Wright Agency today to discover the benefits of umbrella insurance. We can get quotes and answer your questions to give you the financial protection that you need.