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    Flood Insurance

    What happens if there’s a flood near your home in Maryland? Are you as protected as you think you are? With flood insurance, it can offer you more protection—and our agents at The Wright Agency can help.

    How can flood insurance protect your home?
    Even when you live miles from a body of water in Maryland, your home can still flood. This is because there are countless ways for floodwaters to be created.

    With flood insurance, you can be protected against an array of scenarios, including:

    Major storms
    Broken sewer lines
    Water main breaks
    Melting snow

    Any time you have floodwater near your home, it poses a threat. It can damage the structure of your home, the flooring, the drywall, and more. It can also damage your belongings and make your home uninhabitable.

    When you have flood coverage, it allows you to have protection. If there’s a flood, you can file a claim with the insurance company knowing that you can get financial assistance with repairs without having to wait for federal disaster assistance.

    Is Flood Insurance Required?

    It’s important to look at whether flood insurance is required in your area or not. You may be at a high-risk for flooding based on where you are according to FEMA maps. As such, it might be required for you to have a policy.

    Even if flood insurance isn’t required, it can offer you a great deal of protection. Your homeowner’s insurance policy won’t cover floods. This means that if there is a flood in your area, you would not be protected with just your home insurance—and that’s why so many homeowners choose to add a separate flood policy. It can offer you the peace of mind you need any time you hear about a storm coming up or you find that your water main has broken.

    Call our agents at The Wright Agency today to learn more about how flood insurance can help you.