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    The moment you start driving in Maryland, you will want to have auto insurance. There are all sorts of coverage levels that can offer protection. At The Wright Agency, our independent insurance agents can guide you through the process.

    Types of Auto Insurance

    Did you know that there are different types of auto insurance? You may only be focused on what is required by the state, which includes bodily injury and property damage liability. However, that's only going to offer you some protection if you are injured or your vehicle gets damaged.

    You have to look at the scenarios in which you're covered. As such, there are several types of insurance to look at:

    Rental car

    Roadside Assistance

    With the help of our independent insurance agents, we can talk to you about each type of coverage. This way, you can see how each one can help you, such as if you encounter a hit and run or if your windshield cracks when you're driving down the highway. Don't assume basic coverage will protect you against every scenario out there.

    Tips for Buying Auto Insurance

    Knowing how insurance premiums are calculated will make t easier for you to save money on auto insurance. By working with our agents, we can get quotes from top insurance com panies. It ensures you get competitive comparisons to avoid spending more on insurance than necessary.

    Some tips that can help you save include:

    Bundling multiple policies together
    Buying a car with added safety features
    Taking a defensive driving course

    If you find that you're spending more on ¡nsurance than you think your situation warrants, let us help. Our agents can take a closer look at your driving habits and more to offer ways for you to save money on your insurance premiums.

    Shop for auto insurance in Maryland by calling us at The Wright Agency today.