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    Home Insurance

    How protected is your home against all that could go wrong in Maryland? You may be surprised to find that you’re leaving yourself more vulnerable than you think. By working with us at The Wright Agency, we can make sure that you have a comprehensive home insurance policy.

    What’s Covered in a Home Insurance Policy?

    A home insurance policy is going to protect you against some of the different “what if” scenarios that could happen. This includes everything from fires to storms to break-ins. Additionally, you’ll be covered if someone hurts themselves in your home or one of your family members damages someone else’s property.

    Even a basic policy will cover:

    Dwelling (the home itself)
    The belongings inside of the home
    Loss of use

    There may be other things included in a policy, too. Knowing what is and isn’t covered is critical as you will want to have as much covered as possible. By working with one of our independent agents, we can recommend ways to boost coverage. This can provide you with a better policy so that you know claims are more likely to be approved if you ever have to file one.

    Is Home Insurance Required?

    Although the state of Maryland does not require you to have home insurance, it may be required by your mortgage company. This means that you will need to show proof of insurance—and it may even need to be handled by your escrow account.

    Even if you aren’t required to have insurance because of having your home paid off, you still want financial protection. What happens if there’s a natural disaster or some other issue? You want to know that you can file a claim to get the insurance company to repair or replace aspects of your home.

    Call us at The Wright Agency today to learn more about shopping for home insurance that you can count on.