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    Employee Benefits

    When you start offering benefits to your employees, there may be issues with the administration. That’s why it’s a good idea to have employee benefits insurance in place. With help from The Wright Agency, you can have the coverage you need.

    How Employee Benefits Insurance Works

    Periodically, you may run across errors and omissions with the way that your benefits program is administered. When you provide insurance to your employees, they may have been added too late or there was another error with how they were enrolled.

    When this happens, an employee’s medical claim may be denied. That’s when they’re going to turn to you with questions.

    Rather than leaving yourself vulnerable to a lawsuit, you can use employee benefits insurance to provide the pay for benefits that would have been covered by the health insurance policy that was never actually issued (or issued incorrectly).

    Although you’re not required to have this kind of coverage in Maryland for business insurance, it can offer you more protection in the event of a “what if” scenario. After all, you never intend to have errors and omissions, but they can happen from time to time.

    How to Protect Your Employees

    Your employees depend on you to provide them with the kind of insurance that they sign up for. This includes everything from getting vacation days to having health insurance. If there’s an issue with the way that the benefits are being administered, you can turn to a liability coverage policy

    Our independent insurance agents can talk to you about the benefits of this coverage. More importantly, we can customize a policy as a way of offering more protection for your business. It ensures you can be the best possible employer by taking care of your employees even when their insurance policies don’t.

    Be sure that you’re protecting your business effectively with employee benefits insurance. Call us at The Wright Agency to learn more about how we can help.