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    Commercial Insurance

    Protecting your business in Maryland is of the utmost importance. Commercial insurance products can be used to provide financial protection. At The Wright Agency, we’ll help you find the right insurance for your operations.

    Commercial Insurance Products

    Not all businesses require the same types of commercial insurance. You will want to review what insurance you need so that the various aspects of your operations are protected. Don’t make the assumption that personal insurance will protect what is being used for your business.

    You will want to review such commercial insurance products as:

    Business interruption
    Worker’s compensation

    The industry you’re in may dictate that you have certain levels of liability insurance to protect customers when they visit your location or if you visit their property and damage something while there. Additionally, you may need other forms of insurance based on whether you are working out of a commercial office, have multiple vehicles as part of your fleet, or even have a certain number of employees.

    With the help of our insurance agents, we can help you get the coverage you need.

    Updating Your Commercial Insurance

    There are different ways to protect your business – and when your business changes, so do your insurance needs. We recommend reviewing your policies annually to ensure that they still have the levels of coverage that you require. You don’t want to get into a situation where you assume you have coverage where you don’t.

    If you add employees, you may need worker’s compensation insurance. If you get busier from one year to the next, you may want to consider increasing your property insurance to account for more inventory. You may also want to consider business interruption service in case something happens where you have to shut down for days or weeks at a time.

    Explore how commercial insurance can help you in Maryland by calling us at The Wright Agency today.